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Orange County’s line of beach cities from Huntington Beach down to San Clemente, CA offer an awe inspiring collection of some of the most sought after homes on the planet, making it this perfect destination for acquiring a private estate or high end investment property.

If the region’s natural beauty wasn’t enough by itself, the current lineup of incredible properties coming onto the market make it even more attractive to buy and invest in luxury homes in and around San Clemente, California.

This is an amazing slice of paradise for enjoying life to the full, finding a shelter for wealth protection, generating passive income and of course acquiring prime investment properties investors will love boasting about.

Location, Location, Location

They say smart real estate investing is all about “location, location, location”, and it doesn’t get any better than this!

Orange County’s prime stretch of beach cities and properties lays perfectly situated between Los Angeles and San Diego, CA. Discerning home buyers and real estate investors will discover there is a huge demand for property in this area which has become a famous haven for a huge number of celebrity artists, musicians, high profile actors and athletes and formidable business moguls.

San Clemente real estate and luxury homes in the surrounding area have not only become a mecca for surfing enthusiasts but attract interest from a prestigious, elite level of home buyers and tourists from around the globe.

So whether you are interested in moving here full time, picking up a stunning second home or occasional vacation property or a premium rental property you will find it hard to go wrong.

There is simply nowhere better to live and play.

In fact, discerning home buyers and investors will find that prime San Clemente and Laguna Beach real estate has evolved into a superior asset class of its own, joining the ranks of Manhattan, London and Hong Kong, only just far more fun and beautiful.

Discover Prime Luxury Investment Property in San Clemente, CA

The Harner Group offers decades in expertise in assisting sophisticated and savvy real estate investors with sourcing and securing prime investment property in Southern California.

With decades of experience in the local market, in depth knowledge of the area, and what makes a good investment here The Harner Group is your ideal partner for selecting premium and profitable investment properties here.

Why Now?

Why invest in San Clemente real estate now?

This is an incredible time to invest in residential real estate here as we emerge into a new era of growth and interest rates remain low for those interested in leverage and demand superior cap rates.

In fact, this is truly one of those few pivotal moments in a lifetime when fortunes are made and distinguished. The only question is, will you take advantage of the opportunities in time to realize the best returns?

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